PostHeaderIcon Trinity Tri Series

The final of the current Trinity Tri Series was held at Germiston Lake on Sunday 24 April, 2016. Misty and cold conditions greeted athletes, forcing a delayed start while we waited for the sun. Once on the go, things went well. The water a bit choppy and cold made for a challenging swim, wind made the bike pretty tough and the run was always going to be hard as the day warmed up.

Not too many MADletes took part, most still getting over IMSA and the others getting ready for Comrades.

DelaRey Ribbens pushed the swim as part of a test and had a taste of what it’s going to take to race at the top in this sport. After maxing an alactate start, the body struggled to bounce back on the bike and D ended up stopping before the run. A dnf is never nice, but this one is down to school fees and part of the learning curve.

Lukie Blignaut had a great race. Never easy trying to fit training into her really hectic medical doctor lifestyle, her race was testament to her strong will and determination. Swim 28:39 (1500m) Bike 1:28:57 (40km) Run 58:23(10km) Total  2:55:59

Philippe Taylor tackled the sprint. Having recently joined M.A.D. it was cool to have him race with the team. His big challenge is swimming in open water and he got through this well. Even though he doesn’t believe in swimming straight and likes to go the “extra mile” so to speak! Swim 20:27 (750m) Bike 43:37 (20km) Run 29:54 (5km) Total  1:33:58

Looking forward to Sun City on 8 May!!!


PostHeaderIcon Ironman South Africa 2016

This year only 7 MADletes were taking on the challenge of the 1,8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run held on 10 April in Port Elizabeth.

Hazel Aggett, Rob Schmidt, Bryce Hennessy, Riccardo Opeka, Jessica Taylor, Ryno Prinsloo and Roger Skews. Each had a story.

Rob Schmidt, from M.A.D. Witbank, fell ill 2 weeks before the event. Unfortunately, laryngitis became bronchitis and he had to withdraw and not start. Tough luck with his training going well and having been through a good build up. Next year Rob!

Hazel Aggett.   Swim 1:49 Bike 4:16 at 90km Result Missed bike cutoff

Hazel was just seriously unlucky. With the rolling swim start she only started swimming at 7:05. After 90k on the bike, she missed a 1:15pm cutoff that was imposed with the new bike route. Going on the 10:30 cut off after the swim and bike, which we had planned for, Hazel would have made it home comfortably. Training had gone well and I had no doubt that this year she was ready to cross the line in time. Don’t give up girl! 2017 awaits!

Bryce Hennessy.    Swim 01:09:49     Bike 05:21:35           Run 05:21:56     Total 12:06:15

I look forward to a race when Bryce eventually has a trouble-free build up. This year, all was going well until he cut his foot in the dam, 2 weeks out. With no running at all until race day, his result is a great effort, showing lots of guts. A good swim, great bike and not too bad a run considering ended in a result he should be proud of. Nice Bryce!

Riccardo Opeka.  Swim 1:24:14     Bike  5:27:21     Run   3:45:12   Total 10:49:47

What a race! First time Ironman, first marathon! The swim not his favourite discipline, he struggled through a choppy sea. Onto the bike and the fun began. A great bike and an even better run finishing with a sub 11 hour is just awesome for his first Ironman. Lots more to come from this youngster.

Jessica Taylor.  Swim    01:07:00   Bike  07:01:39   Run   05:00:13             Total        13:24:27

You can see why Jess and Riccardo are engaged. Infectious enthusiasm for life and all its challenges seems to be the norm for these two. And doing it with a smile is compulsory! This was Jessica’s first Ironman and marathon as well. Somewhat more at home in the water, the bike and run has been the challenge to date, getting enough training in while holding down a civil engineer’s job wasn’t easy. But then, IMSA isn’t supposed to be easy. To finish with a 5-hour marathon and a sub 14 is really great. Well done girl!

Ryno Prinsloo. Swim 01:41:20   Bike 06:05:01   Run 04:55:49 Total 13:02:47

Ryno’s first Ironman. Prep had been going really well until that silly thing called work got in the way. Despite minimal time available and a lot of disruptions in the last 3 months of training, the race went very well. New to swimming, a 1:41 wasn’t bad. Ryno is an uber biker and it’s here where his lack of prep time showed. Still, a 6:05, isn’t too shabby. A sub 5 hour marathon is really good and I’m looking forward to the next step where we have more time available. I reckon that 5 will become a 4 before too long.

Roger Skews.   Swim 01:07:36       Bike   05:39:06       Run 04:25:38     Total 11:24:01

Anyone that knows Roger reasonably well will understand the following: “So coach, I was thinking…”
I call it Rogerlitis. It’s a rare disorder that only a few people suffer from as indicated by this message I received on the 8th Feb. “Can we load training as if I’m doing Ironman…while I’m thinking about it.”!! That left 9 weeks of focussed and specific prep for Ironman. Eish! Looking at his result I can only get excited at the prospect of Roger backing his ability and seeing how far he can go in this sport.



PostHeaderIcon Urban Ruins Golf Day 24 April

We are a registered NPO that provides a multi- facetted community centre. Our foundational vision was to provide a free and safe space for children to play and explore physical and artistic activities. The vision of the Urban Ruins Projects has grown and we now running a feeding scheme for 200 children daily, after school. We provide a pre-school for the community children from Rhamaphosa and Reiger Park as well. We have developed a mentorship program called 20/20 vision which empowers our children to develop 20 Life skills and expose them in their 16-18 year age group to bursar opportunities.
On the 24 April we having a Golf Day, at the challenging Huddle Park. This is our biggest fundraising event, to assist the Urban Ruins in their projects and grow the outreach to children.
Therefore we are approaching companies to help make this a very successful golf day.
This is an outline of our golf day requirements and we would appreciate sponsorship, donations and / or entries.
1. We are looking for corporate sponsorship for the holes@ a cost of R2000.00 a hole – this sponsored hole would then be dedicated to the sponsor’s advertising boards which the said company would supply.
2. We need prizes for the players, golf equipment, appliances or even vouchers would be great. We have three categories each with three prizes required – a total of 12 prizes
3. We would like to supply each player with a goodie bag (100 players) which would include a promotional pack given at registration –all donations towards filling the goodie bags would be appreciated.
4. The cost per four ball will be R2000.00 which will include prize giving and a three course meal. All entries would assist the cause.
So far we only have the local press Caxton confirmed but we are working on including as much press coverage as possible.
All advertising banners / materials would be set up at the prize giving dinner for further advertisement.
Thank you for your time and consideration – please feel free to contact me if you require any further clarification.
Kind Regards,

Clayton Viljoen

E-mail–  cell : 0798338328 –

PostHeaderIcon Miway Midlands Ultra 2016

The Miway Midlands Ultra on the 6th of March doubled as the SA Long Distance Tri Champs for 2016. As always, Damian Bradley and his team at B-Active didn’t disappoint and delivered a quality event. The goodie bags were second to none, and organisations putting on similar events will have to take a big step up to come close. They really are proper. The only hassle now is figuring which towel is yours at gym swims.

This year’s men’s field was very strong and to end up on the podium meant you had to be good and you had to have a good day. Freddy Lampret is back in a big way. What a pleasure to see him back in good form and finish up in 2nd place. 3rd spot belonged to Travis Johnston who put on an incredible display of gutsy racing. After a dnf at 70.3 East London in January, he started the 21km run looking like it was going to end prematurely again. He toughed it out though and it was a great performance for his dad to witness, watching from the side.

The ladies race was dominated by Annah Watkinson, who, like Matt Trautman in the mens race, finished with a substantial lead. Claire Horner raced well for 2nd and so good to see Viv Williams racing like the machine she is, finishing up in a very good 4th.

Only a couple of MADletes made their way to the Midlands for the ½ Iron distance race. Swim 1900m, Bike 90km, Run 21km.

Drazen Milos had a very good day and showed some serious determination battling through the heat on the run. Ended 3rd in his age category. Swim 39:21 Bike 3:17:32 Run 2:24:08 Total 6:25:44

Ryno Prinsloo, in his first ultra, had a good race considering little prep because of minimal running from his last blister issue. Swim 49:11 Bike 2:58:08 Run 2:30:42 Total 6:27:38

Bruce Griffiths put in an impressive performance, this being only his second triathlon ever! Ended 3rd in his age cat to boot! Swim 49:25 Bike 3:38:11 Run 2:13:11 Total 6:51:08

Lauren Dance raced in the sprint event, using it as prep for SA Champs 2 weeks later. She ended 1st woman and 5th overall! Swim (750m)12:15 Bike (20km) 37:23 Run (5km) 21:25 Total 1:12:38


All looking forward to Damian’s next Miway event which is the Sun City Tri on May 8th (Click on the link to Enter). Well worth it guys!



PostHeaderIcon HOWZIT!!

Hey guys. Been off the grid a bit the last few weeks with lots happening, so here’s a catch up on what’s been happening at M.A.D.

28 Feb was the Prestige Ultra. There was some good M.A.D. representation with some decent performances to boot. The Prestige Ultra is really a cool race. Not a whole heap of shout and corporate goings on, just simple, relaxed, affordable and fun. Put together by some of the most experienced and nicest people in triathlon, the event offered the Ultra ½ Iron, an Olympic and a sprint distance race. Really hope Louis and his team keep this event alive. It’s a great addition to our tri calendar.

Ultra. 1,9k swim 90k bike and 21k run

Roger Skews. Not a race, just training! Eish. Exciting to think what this boytjie is capable of if he decides to get serious about this sport. Swim 33:03 Bike 2:33:39 Run 1:47:16 Total 4:53:58

Rob Schmidt from M.A.D. Witbank had a good race, despite struggling a bit on the run with some nutrition issues. Swim 43:06. Bike 3:15:08. Run 2:52:43. Total 6:50:57. On track for a good IMSA this year.

Hazel Aggett had a good race! Getting through the distance with a good swim and solid bike and run see her back on track for a finish at IMSA too. Swim 54:27. Bike 3:47:48. Run 2:29:12. Total 7:11:28

Spanner and Riccardo joined forces as a team to use the race as training. Spanner was first lady and 2nd overall out the water with a 26:58 swim. She biked a 2:44:15. Riccardo had an awesome run, finishing the 21k in 1:29:01. Total time was 4:40:14 which placed them 1st Team. Well done!

Olympic 1,5k swim 40k bike and 10k run

In only her 2nd Olympic distance tri Nikki Skews continues to impress. Swim 37:42. Bike 1:38:45. Run 1:09:35. Total 3:26:02. Watch out Roger!

Sprint 750m swim 20k bike and 5k run

Young Clayton Le Roux had a great result in only his second triathlon ever. He finished 1st Junior. Well done boy! Swim 10:54. Bike 40:23. Run 25:57. Total 1:17:14

Was a great day on the Free State side of the Vaal. We will be back next year, willing and able.

Photos up on Facebook soon!

PostHeaderIcon 2016 East London 70.3 Results

Well done to our M.A.D.letes on some great performances out there.

Bryce Hennessy 5:20:33 31 32:55 2:44:20 1:54:09
Riccardo Opeka 5:24:31 12 37:20 2:52:04 1:47:16
Anine Kukard 6:18:54 22 40:05 3:08:48 2:21:20
Jessica Taylor 6:53:52 51 34:39 3:56:10 2:11:06
Morne Nel 6:57:02 184 49:47 3:26:42 2:29:29
Candyce Veldman 7:20:26 78 44:49 3:52:19 2:25:01

PostHeaderIcon CGT Provincial Triathlon Championships 2016 Results

Name Pos. Cat. Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
Lauren Dance 1 23:33 00:38 1:09:10 00:48 45:14 2:19:18
Riccardo Opeka 13 33:21 1:00 1:07:40 00:43 43:11 2:25:55
Drazen Milos 2 32:34 00:53 1:11:20 00:56 51:47 2:37:30
Anine Kukard 3 38:07 00:54 1:14:10 1:01 52:34 2:46:46
Jessica Taylor 11 28:14 1:42 1:24:13 1:12 59:06 2:54:27
Morne Nel 30 51:52 1:47 1:18:11 1:20 1:03:21 3:16:31
Clayton le Roux 5 12:12 00:47 38:48 00:40 26:58 1:19:25
Nikki Skews 1 21:26 1:11 41:59 33:36 1:38:12



A refreshing take on Bryce and Roger’s World Champs trip in August this year, as seen by one of the support crew.

Have you ever found yourself in the unique position where your partners Hopes and Dreams suddenly become your Hopes and Dreams?

Well , you can imagine my surprise when I found myself in precisely that situation, gripping my Husband’s Hand with deathlike intensity hoping against hope to hear his name being called.

It’s the 25th of January 2015, East London and the venue for the Standard Bank 70.3 Ironman South Africa.

Bryce Hennessy and Roger Skews are two of several M.A.D athletes who competed today, and the only two who made it to auditorium where the selection process was taking place. Quite by luck really. Everyone else was going to get some grub, but on the advice of Bryce and Lauren, we decided to go.

At exactly 18:00pm they locked the doors and if you weren’t inside, sorry for you! 

You are part of an elite group of Athletes! , they say…… You have been selected to compete at the 70.3 Ironman World Champs in Zell am See Austria!, they say……

Should you hear your name , please pay the entry fee of €330 in the next 5 minutes( credit cards only of course, we never said this was going to be easy! ) and one of fifty spots is yours!

How many Athletes do you think carry around their credit card after a day of hard racing?  Most it would seem were thinking positive and as for the others, we laughingly witnessed several Phone A Friend moments and panicked pleadings of ” hey bro, can I borrow your credit card?”

It was inspiring to see not one person turning down the chance to willingly hand over the Visa in exchange for months of torturous training, sore muscles and potential injury.

CONGRATULATIONS! We’ll see you in Austria!!

And so began 2 MADletes journey to the race of a lifetime, and the intimidating task of preparing for it!

While the boys concentrated on their training, Iron wives, Coach,Friends, Family, and fellow MADletes banded together and got in on the action.

The training was intense! Eat Sleep Train Repeat.  Pre dawn wake up calls became the norm and falling asleep by 7pm was a necessity rather than a luxury.

Time flys when you’re having fun and 6 months 3 weeks and 5 days after securing the prized spots in East London and we’re in the home stretch.

Dates have been finalized , Flights are booked, accomodation is paid for and reality has set in. This is really happening ! The bike is wrapped, the transition bag packed and the favorite socks are AWOL.

Bryce departs for Munich on the 23rd of August and Roger on the 24th. After a mild panic when confirmed flights became standby at the last minute, and an hour delay because there were no headsets, we finally board the Aircraft and at exactly 21:30pm, we are on our way!

The plan is to meet up at the airport and drive through together. Everything  goes smoothly right up until the renta car’s parking lot where we are faced with the minor inconvenience of luggage vs space.

Luggage was winning up until Rescue came in the form of an upgraded car ( thank you Budget) and the precipitous arrival of fellow athlete Ockie Schoeman.

3 Bike and Transition bags later, far to much luggage and wheels seemingly everywhere, 5 slightly frazzled South Africans armed with SatNav and snacks, piled into two renta cars for the 2 and a half hour drive to Zell am See, Austria . AutoBahn here we come!

Day 1 consists of checking in and a 30 min leg loosening run.

Our accomodation is great!

Haus Victoria is a large 3 story privately owned home, competently run by one slightly intimidating and yet utterly charming Austrian Frau known only as “Maria”

It’s on the outskirts of Zell proper, absolutely gorgeous scenery, with only the tinkle of cowbells to disturb ones beauty sleep.

Day 2 After the MOST amazing night of sleep, to be woken up by birdsong and cows lowing, followed by a supremely healthy breakfast of Oats and coffee, we are ready to negotiate the miniature roads and numerous traffic circles that make up the route into Zell central. I really would like to take a moment and say a heartfelt thank you to the inventor of SatNav. Without your infuriating monotone guiding us every step of the way, I fear we would never even have made it to the start of the race !

It’s also the opening of the Expo and the first thousand or so athletes to get to Zell have found themselves in shopping Mecca. Ironman everything! It’s hard not to get caught up in race fever and we all happily shop up a storm, vowing to return for more. Note to self, when in doubt, buy it . BUY IT ALL! Because over the course of the next 3 days as the balance of the 5000 athletes and nearly as many supporters descended en masse into the sleepy lakeside town, all the good stuff vanished like cake on a cheat day!

Roger and Bryce diligently stuck to all their race prep and maybe not always so diligently to thier nutrition . Afterall, who wants to say no to Nutella pancakes!?! And Beer!? Really now! Picture strolling around the quaint and bustling town of Zell, all four blocks of it, to the tune of musical instruments ( a stick with a frying pan attached to it, and what appeared to be an old fashioned washing board), and a lovely piece played on a set of finely tuned cowbells by 4 charismatic and mildly inebriated Austrian musicians….in Lederhosen……

The next 4 days were devoted to following our better halves around while they focused on course familiarization, Registration and spending a disproportionate amount of time deciding on exactly which spot would be THE perfect spot to shuck those clothes, flash that Speedo and get on with their Lake swim.  In hindsight, it really did provide us with an unsurpassed opportunity to check out the competition…….the Swans…….the scenery…….

Eventually making it into the water, they headed out for a relaxed swim more or less following the actual race day route. After that, we grabbed a quick bite before heading back home to get in a quick bike.

Race day has dawned clear and sunny and Bryce and Roger are relaxed and focused as we head down to the park and ride.

Roger’s race no is 1719 with a start time Is 10:58am and

Bryce is 2457 with a start time of  11:10am

After a final visit to transition, we head to a communal grassy area where we can relax and the boys can put on their wetsuits and make their way to the waters edge.

Rogers wave is the first to go after the Pro’s and it’s fast!

He completes the 1.9km  swim in a time of 30:45

With Bryce two waves later in a time of 31:42

It’s then a short run into transition to swop wetsuits for helmet and cleats and then straight to the bike mount line for the start of the 90km cycle.

It was a flat and very fast first 20km for both, Roger doing 21.5km in 30:42min at an incredible average speed of 42.02/h and

Bryce at an equally impressive 32:57 at 39.15/h

That was the end of the fun as the course presented its first challenge in the form of a torturous 18km climb. Average speeds came way down as they tackled Zells finest before heading down a terrifyingly steep series of switchbacks, urged on by the enthusiastic Austrian supporters!

59 Km into the bike and the course takes them through the majestic countryside, both MADletes are fighting hard to regain their average pace and are soon flying again at 41.39/h and 44.08/h respectively.

They complete the 90km in a competitive time of 2:40.09 and 2:39.55 respectively.


Onto the super flat and fast run, the 2 loop course  totaling 21.1km , takes the athletes around picturesque lake Zell. Looking good and strong as we cheer them on at 1.2km, we make tracks to the ferry which takes us across the lake to the first turnaround point.

It’s ridiculously hot with clouds of bugs and athletes passed out or being ill on the course.  That said, Roger is making good progress running at 5:12/km at the halfway point.

We catch up with Bryce at the 2nd turnaround running nicely  at 5:43/km

As we head to the finish line, the excitement is contagious! The support is incredible! And I find myself grinning from ear to ear.

Waiting next to the Finish line , watching the athletes running in is inspiring beyond belief! It’s an emotional experience witnessing the fight and determination on the athletes faces as they complete what has got to be one of the most incredible challenges of their athletic career .

I’m not sure if I want to scream like a banshee or burst into tears as Roger runs down the Red Carpet and over the finish line to complete only his second 70.3  ever in a super time of 5:07:42!!

Not to be outdone, Bryce Hennessy is not far behind and finishes nicely in 5:21:55

Waiting outside the feeding station for them to be returned to us, hopefully still in one piece and not too worse for wear, took a lifetime! They eventually did make it out, proudly wearing gigantic medals and huge smiles!

One big, wet, smelly hug later and they can finally sit down and relax before making our way to the prize giving banquet.

This sport is not for the faint hearted or the weak. It’s a commitment to yourself, your coach and your Family, that you will do the best you can, as well as you can, for as long as you can. It was an experience of a lifetime and aptly worded by the Austrian people…..

Lass die freude rein – Let the happiness in!


PostHeaderIcon IRWIN Wheelsets

Being asked to write a review on a set of wheels meant I would have to sit down in front of my lap top, switch off my phone and focus on my experience of IRWIN wheels to date. So here goes.

I am a triathlon coach and have been since 2005, when I started helping youngsters get into the sport I fell in love with. The approach was simple. The more you train, the better you will become. This is true still today, although I have grown wiser and learnt a lot more on how to assist athletes in becoming better at this sport through a conservative and longer reaching approach.

I often get asked by athletes, “What can I do to make me faster?”, or “What equipment upgrades can I make to go faster?” Now, having completed my first Ironman on a Raleigh Hybrid, my initial response leans toward, “Take a few cement pills, listen to what I told you the first time, sessions you post on social media don’t count and I don’t care what Google says. Oh, and sign this drug-free form before joining” I think this friendly approach might explain why my tri club is pretty small J

In all seriousness, after my first Ironman, I maxed my credit card and went and bought what my tri hero, Raynard Tissink was using, a Cervelo. Only for him to change to a Scott the following year! Anyways, I am still grateful to him for his influence he had on my upgrade decision. Don’t listen to people who say it’s not about the bike, I promise, changing from a delivery to a tri bike helped a lot!

My new bike came standard with a set of training wheels that were handcrafted in the USA. I was sold on the brand from then on and have always recommended them to anyone feeling my opinion was worth anything. Two of my athletes I coach, whose opinion I respect, have also used the same brand, from training aluminium clinchers, to racing carbon tubbies and discs. One a top age grouper competing in long distance and the other an elite at the shorter distances, both were happy that they had the best wheels available for their money.

Until IRWIN came along and messed up the thinking.

Out on a training ride one day, one of my newer athletes says, “Coachie, these are those wheels I was telling you about.” I look across at an unbranded, carbon 58mm, in my opinion, messing up the look of a beautiful Cervelo P3. Thinking they were much the same as the other “creaky carbon concoctions” to come out of the East that seemingly every second bike fundi  with a bit of extra loot was trying their hands at importing, I dismissed my wheel enthusiast with “Cool” and focussed more on how hard I’d have to go to stay with the group that day. Into the ride, I noticed the wheels were quiet, except when he freewheeled, when they produced a very distinctive ratchet whirrrrr. I started to pay a bit more attention. He is a big fellow, this 96kg wheel enthusiast, and he has been blessed with calves to match. No creaking at all, even when he put the power down. We eventually stopped and the group all went off on their brick run. I went over and inspected. The first thing I noticed as I touched the wheel was it was solid, strong! I then lifted the bike and spun the rear wheel. It rolled nicely, for ever. Then I tried the front. It rolled, for ever and ever! I was keen to try these!

I have since tested the entire road range, except the disc. I will hopefully be strong enough again one day to attempt the 180km SA Ironman route on one. I cannot rave enough about these wheels. I am of the old school, “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” mentality, but I am really happy to have been upgraded onto a set of IRWINs. I rode the 94.7 on the entry level IA-22mm alloy clincher and managed a top speed of 92km/h! Not bad for a lightweight, low profile wheel that shouldn’t be high on the aerodynamics ratings.

There are a number of features I like about the IRWINs. They look good, with a stylish logo, not too loud, but still distinctive. The ceramic bearings used in the hubs make for an extremely smooth rolling wheel. The 60 teeth ratchet system puts power into the back wheel more efficiently. My wheels arrived in a stylish double wheel bag, with quality skewers, brake pads, cassette spacer and extra skewer springs. The feature for me though, that is the most important, is the overall build quality. You can feel the strength of the wheel when you fit the tyres and the stiffness when riding.  You feel confident to push hard and corner fast, which I believe gives the IRWIN range a bit of an edge over more established brands.

My answer to the earlier question about what can make you faster has changed from taking a few cement pills to getting a set of IRWINs. You won’t be sorry.

Image result for irwincycling

PostHeaderIcon 5150 Ekurhuleni African Champs Germiston Results

Roger Skews 2:20:20 23:52 1:11:05 42:18
DelaRey Ribbens 2:26:53 24:54 1:13:28 46:58
Bryce Hennessy 2:30:11 26:16 1:08:10 53:05
Riccardo Opeka 2:30:43 30:06 1:13:13 44:15
Bernhard Westra 2:31:02 26:42 1:08:49 50:46
Drazen Milos 2:41:32 28:44 1:17:55 51:35
Ryno Prinsloo 2:42:05 36:16 1:07:01 53:22
Morne Lombard 2:45:37 29:58 1:15:16 55:14
Anine Kukard 2:54:32 32:11 1:15:18 1:04:24
Willem Weideman 2:55:44 28:53 1:20:55 1:02:16
Franja Serfontein 3:03:41 30:38 1:30:10 57:18
Lukie Blignaut 3:15:27 29:29 1:36:13 1:06:53
Candyce Veldman 3:20:08 35:33 1:29:29 1:06:10